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Midwifery care what we provide:     


Your Midwife will meet you in your home when you are around 12 to 16 weeks pregnant.  At this antenatal visit we start to get to know each other we discuss, diet, exercise, pregnancy scans and tests that you may choose to have and your thoughts and plans for your baby’s birth. We also check on you and your baby’s wellbeing.


Your Midwife will follow you throughout your pregnancy sharing information including advice on labour and birth, water birth, breastfeeding, with lots of support and encouragement. I will also encourage and give you information on other allied health workers that will help you throughout and after your pregnancy. You may choose to attend mothers groups, join education programs such as active birth classes, hypnobirthing, baby massage and yoga classes.         


During your pregnancy, your Midwife will arrange for you to meet a backup Midwife who will attend your birth.


Your Midwife will provide you with 24 hour access to advice and support.


You and your Midwife will have an opportunity to get to know each other during home visits developing a relationship of trust, working together in partnership throughout your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.


Your Midwife will attend your birth and then continue to visit you at home during the postnatal period for up to 4 weeks.


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