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Birth Stories

PETINA - Mother of 3 gorgeous children born at home.


Petina mother of three children born at home with a known Midwife

I feel completely blessed to have had a known Midwife for the birth of my 3 babies. She encouraged a sense of being completely capable to birth my babies naturally and in the comfort of our own home. I felt safe and supported through my entire pregnancies and to have the empowering experience of birthing at home still to this day provides me with a strength that I can endure and overcome anything. My eternal affirmation still is 'and this too shall pass'!


My Midwife was professional and caring, supportive and encouraging in the perfect way. She knew when to step in and when to wait and knows exactly just what to say. I had complete trust in her ability to keep me and my baby safe.


The feeling I felt during transition of my last birth when she knocked on the door, came to the pool and whispered in my ear 'I made it' was like an angel whispering 'you are woman, you are incredible, you know how to do this, now let's get this baby out!'


I encourage all women to have a known Midwife as this is truly a gift for all mothers.




SALLI - Mother of 4 beautiful boys 2 born at home, 2 born in hospital.


My husband Ger and I met our Midwife when I was 3 months pregnant with our first son. Ger was hesitant about home birth, but after meeting our Midwife she instilled a sense of peace and belief in us that birth is a natural phenomenon. Women have been doing it since the beginning of time and as long as we have all the variables covered there is no reason why we can't birth our baby at home safely.


You must birth where you feel safe and with a relationship of trust built with my Midwife and my husband by my side I could birth anywhere. For the birth of our first son I laboured in the water but hopped out to birth beside the bed. It was a truly amazing experience my Midwife was like this earth angel that knew exactly when to help, speak or keep her distance.


Our second son was the most wonderful water birth you could imagine, with the Midwife I now knew well and Ger by my side I felt like I could move mountains.


Our third son needed to be born at King Edward Memorial Hospital.  As long as I had the Midwife I had built a relationship of trust with me and Ger I was right.  I was told a caesarean was necessary after many hours of labour. I was then prepared to go to theatre. I guess I decided to have the baby just before being put on the trolley three big pushes and he was in my arms healthy and crying loudly it was a wonderful ending.


Our fourth son due to circumstances beyond our control was born in hospital I had a water birth it was a magical experience too.

So speaking from a woman that has birthed her first two children at home and the second two in hospital, my choice would be without a doubt to water birth at home with my Midwife. The water cuts the contraction pain in half and floats and holds your body so you can totally rest in between contractions.

Home birth with a midwife you know and trust is the most empowering and liberating experience a woman can have. It is a mother’s birthright to bring her children into this world in a safe secure and familiar place, we are built to do it and with the knowledge and help from your midwife you could not be in better hands.

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