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Private lactation consultation 

(initial appointment) 



Follow up lactation consultation



Phone consults

(up to 30mins) after hours  


Private lactation consultant

Breastfeeding is a learned skill. You may like to have some gentle support and assistance during your breastfeeding journey until you feel confident and baby is thriving.


Your lactation consultant will visit you in the comfort of your home where we will discuss any breastfeeding difficulties you may have encountered.


Medicare rebates are available for all postnatal visits with breastfeeding support up until 6 weeks.


A Lactation consultation can also be arranged during your pregnancy to talk with you about how amazing breastfeeding can be and give you some practical guidance.


Marilyn Allen (Fremantle & surrounding suburbs)

0438 933 779

Liza Kennedy (Armadale and South West Perth suburbs)

0424 368 116

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