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Choosing continuity of Midwifery care during your pregnancy, birth and after your baby is born


The importance of building a relationship with your midwife:


- Midwives ‘view pregnancy as a normal life event’

- Having a normal birth is more likely with a known Midwife

- Having a positive birth experience is more likely with a known Midwife

- Women were more likely to successfully breastfeed with a known Midwife

- The baby of a mother who had care from a known Midwife is more likely to be born at term (the end of the pregnancy not too early), and be born healthy


(Australian College of Midwives, (2014). Know your Midwife:

The Benefits of Continuity of Care).


(International Confederation Of Midwives, (2014). Definition of the Midwife)


After a phone call from you and any questions, we can arrange a meeting.


We usually meet with you in your home when you are 12-16 weeks. Your care then continues throughout your pregnancy with each visit being done in your home.


During your pregnancy you will get the opportunity to meet a backup Midwife who will also attend the birth of your baby. 


Your Midwife will be with you during your labour and birth.


After your baby is born, care and breastfeeding advice is given for up to 4 weeks.


Please contact Marilyn who services Fremantle and surrounding suburbs and Liza who services Armadale and South West Perth suburbs.


Marilyn Allen (Fremantle & surrounding suburbs)

0438 933 779


Liza Kennedy (Armadale and South West Perth suburbs)

0424 368 116



What To Expect

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